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We Minderinc Business IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. offer a complete portfolio of professional ecommerce services encompassing ecommerce consulting, design, implementation, systems integration, hosting, training, and support services to aid the delivery of world-class ecommerce solutions based on our flagship ecommerce platform, Bigg Boxx started in 2020 during the times of uncertainty. It's this combined offering of comprehensive services, a class-leading platform, and a proven implementation methodology that allows us to deliver exceptional ecommerce solutions.

Bigg Boxx Ecommerce Services was implemented in the first place to start providing transformation services from brick and mortar business models to online ecommerce services.  This idea was then supported by our partners, suppliers and resellers to extend our services across India and International stage.

We understand your needs and customise our platform to make it easy and safe for your ecommerce business enhancement. We keep customer experience (CX) in the first place and make it simple and better.  We use award winning solutions that is appreciated across the globe.

We would like to extend this platform for ecommerce enthusiasts from several world class industries and form a seamless ecommerce eco-system.  We are also into infrastructure services, digital marketing and consulting.

As markets change and your business grows, our agile ecommerce support and consulting teams are on hand to make sure that your ecommerce platform evolves with you. We pride ourselves on providing responsive support services that set us apart from our peers.

We would like to hear from you, your valuable time and feedback are much appreciated.

For business queries like bulk purchase, corporate orders, training and support, reseller account or want to become a registered supplier you can write to us at or please check the contact us section of this website.

Our official ecommerce business site is